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Pentane is a straight chain hydrocarbon that is non-polar highly volatile, and flammable. Typically used as a laboratory solvent for
organic compounds. It has a very low boiling point and freezing point and is often used in liquid chromatography. Care should be used in handling this product due to its low boiling point, it's container can become pressurized and risk explosion. Store in a cool, dry place.


Pentane is used as a solvent in many nonpolar media. It is relatively inexpensive and used in the lab as an unreactive and easily evaporated solvent. It also finds wide use in liquid chromatography.

Safety and Handling

Highly flammable. Highly volatile. Containers may build up pressure over time. Ventilate safely and regularly. Use only in well ventilated areas with the proper personal protective equipment. Refer to the SDS sheet for further information.



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Form Colorless liquid
Molar Mass 72.151 g/mol
Odor Gasoline-like
Density 0.626 g/cm3
Melting Point -130.5 to -129.1 °C -202.8 to -200.3 °F
Boiling Point 35.9 to 36.3 °C 95.6 to 97.3 °F
Flash Point -49 °C
Solubility in water 40 mg/L (20 °C)
log P 3.255
Acidity (pKa) ~45
Viscosity 0.240 mPa·s (20 °C)