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ETHANOL (200 Proof)

ETHANOL (200 Proof)

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Ethanol (200 Proof) is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid used as an organic solvent. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, used as a fuel additive, and is considered a universal solvent due to its ability to dissolve polar and non-polar compounds.


Ethanol is a versatile, polar protic solvent. It is considered a universal solvent as it can dissolve polar and nonpolar chemicals. Ethanol is found in most medical wipes and sanitizer gels as an antiseptic for its bactericidal and anti-fungal effects. It is also present in paints, tinctures, markers, personal care products, mouthwashes, perfumes, and deodorants. Ethanol sees extensive use in the fuel industry as an additive for gasoline, fuel cells and as fireplace and stove fuel for cooking. It has a low freezing point and can be used as a cooling bath in conjunction with dry ice.

Safety and Handling

Highly flammable. Irritating to skin and eyes. Can cause dizziness, nausea, disorientation when inhaled. Use only in well ventilated areas with the proper personal protective equipment. Refer to the SDS sheet for further information.


USP Grade and Kosher Certified

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Form Colorless liquid
Molar Mass 46.069 g/mol
Odor Wine-Like, Pungent
Density 0.789 g/cm3
Melting Point -114.14 °C -173.45 °F
Boiling Point 78.23 °C 172.81 °F
Flash Point 14 °C
Solubility in water Miscible
Solubility Miscible in ethyl acetate, hexanes, benzene, chloroform, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride
log P -0.18
Vapor Pressure 5.95 kPa (20 °C)
Viscosity 1.074 mPa·s (25 °C)