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Dichloromethane is a colorless, volatile liquid used as a polar organic solvent. Depending on the grade, DCM can be used for caffeine extraction, bonding polycarbonates, food and beverage extraction, acrylic gluing, cement, bonding & adhesives, tablet coating & pharmaceuticals.


Dichloromethane is a versatile, volatile, polar aprotic solvent. In the food industry, it is used to decaffeinate coffee and tea and to prepare botanical extracts. Due to its volatility it is used as an aerosol spray propellant and blowing agent for polyurethane foams. It is a hard lewis acid that can hydrogen bond to electron donors.

Safety and Handling

Acute inhalation hazard, can be absorbed through the skin. May cause dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headaches and numbness upon inhalation. Can be metabolized in the body to carbon monoxide. May be carcinogenic. Use only in well ventilated areas with the proper personal protective equipment. Refer to the SDS sheet for further information.


Methylene Chloride, DCM



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Form Colorless liquid
Molar Mass 84.93 g/mol
Odor Faint, chloroform-like
Density 1.3266 g/cm3
Melting Point -96.7 °C -142.1 °F
Boiling Point 39.6 °C 103.3 °F
Flash Point None but can form flammable vapor and air mixtures at temperatures above 100 °C
Solubility in water 25.6 g/L (15 °C)
Solubility Miscible in ethyl acetate, hexanes, benzene, chloroform, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride
log P 1.19
Vapor Pressure 19.3 kPa (0 °C)